Draft Concept Note: Enhance Capacity of the journalists Defending freedom of expression Safety & Security of Journalist

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In partnership with
UNDP Human Rights Programme
Enhance Capacity of the journalists
Defending freedom of expression Safety & Security of Journalist
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2020
Venue: Jamalpur

Introduction & Context:
Expressing one’s social, political and religious views in Bangladesh has become riskier than ever. A sweeping drift towards monitoring and striking down freedom of speech, particularly in digital space, is now unmistakably evident in Bangladesh.
Recently, a fact-finding mission from Forum for Freedom of Expression (FExB) went to Jamalpur as journalists of Jamalpur are at risk of attacks by a section of locally influential quarters. A total of 48 journalists had already lodged general diaries with Sadar Police Station seeking their life security. Two journalists– Mustafa Monju and Shelu Akand—were attempted to murder in separate attacks a few months ago. And Shelu is undergoing treatment of multiple fractures of both his legs at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (Pangu Hospital) for more than two months.
The victim said he was attacked because he was a number two witness in a case filed seven months ago for attack on kaler kantha correspondent Mustafa Monju, When Jamalpur Municipality Council lor Hasanuzzaman Khan aka Ranu Khan, member of Jamalpur Awami League and his son Rakib Khan, Religious Affairs Secretary of Jamalpur Chattra League, along with their accomplice earlier assaulted another journalist Mustafa Monju, Jamalpur correspondent of Dainik Kaler Kantho.
In the arrack Mustafa Monju, the prime suspect Rakib Khan was arrested but was released after a comprise under pressure from political quarters was made between the councilor Ranu khan and the leaders of the Jamalpur journalist community.

So, we are thinking to hold the media training at Jamalpur as many requested us and we find this reason to hold the training where journalists are vulnerable. It may not help journalists to come over as a whole form the trauma, but it may give a signal to local authorities that many human rights groups are concerned about the situation of Jamalpur.
Therefore, we are planning to hold the training at Jamalpur in the last week of February 22.

Objective of the Training:
To enhance the knowledge about Safety and Security of journalist, FoE and Human Rights in line with UN guidelines and directives.

Raising awareness and build capacity of the journalists on safety and security measurement of journalist and let know them about the guideline. Media personnel to adequate knowledge and skills on sensible reporting on violent extremisms, peace and harmony and Human Rights in line with UN guidelines and directives

Scope of work:
These training intends to create a participatory, multi-stakeholder dialogue mechanism and analyze the laws and policy regime, thereby, contribute to strengthening freedom of expression through campaign and advocacy as well as analyzing legal documents and analyzing the ground situation.To address the deteriorating human rights conditions and violations including freedom of expression policy level advocacy in participation with the stakeholders will be a catalyst to improve the scenario. Multi-stakeholders dialogues and consultations, capacity building training for journalists and online activists reviewing Human Rights Council (HRC) Report on Freedom of Expression, digital security act etc.

The participants will be the working journalists of Jamalpur daily newspaper, electronic media, weeklies, web portal, photo Journalist and regular contributor for the news/TV media. Total participants will be 30.

General Information:
Date: 22 February, 2020
Time: 09:30 am-: 05:00 pm
Venue: Jamalpur



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