Nusrat’s family still threatened 2 years since she was set on fire in her madrasa

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PBI pays tribute to her grave

The family members of Feni madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi are still being threatened allegedly by supporters of the accused, even two years after her murder.

Nusrat, who was set on fire in her madrasa on April 6, 2019, died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on April 10 the same year. A Feni court on October 24 the same year handed down death sentence to all 16 accused, including madrasa principal Siraj Ud Doula and two expelled local Awami League leaders, over the murder.

“The supporters of accused have been threatening us by posting on Facebook since the incident. The family is getting the threat even now through unknown Facebook accounts. If there were no police guards at the house, the followers of killers would harm them,” said Nusrat’s elder brother Mahmudul Hasan Noman while talking to reporters at the family home.

He requested the prime minister to continue the police guard at the house.

Mahmudul said he hoped the lower court’s verdict would remain in force in the High Court.

He urged the government to execute the verdict quickly.

Today, the family members and relatives arranged a programme for offering prayers and Khatam-ul-Quran at Nusrat’s house in Uttar char Chandia of the district town, reports a correspondent from Feni.

Meanwhile, Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) in Feni today paid tribute her.

A team of Feni PBI led by its police super Mohammad Asaduzzaman offered prayers at Nusrat’s graveyard in Uttar char Chandia of the district town this afternoon.

The PBI members, including PBI inspector and Nusrat murder investigation officer Md Shah Alam, placed a wreath at the graveyard.

Later, talking to the reporters, Feni PBI SP Asaduzzaman said, “The PBI was engaged in the investigation of the Nusrat murder case from the beginning till the verdict. The PBI will do its best if Nusrat’s family needs any help.

“We pay our respects and love to Nusrat at her grave for her courageous fight against injustice,” said the SP.

Director General of Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Banaj Kumar Mazumder told The Daily Star the PBI Feni unit paid tribute to Nusrat grave as per the directive of PBI headquarters.

“We also had paid tribute to her grave last year. Actually, we got involved in a kind of emotion while investigating the murder case,” he said.

The PBI also talked to the family members of Nusrat.


Nusrat, an Alim examinee of Sonagazi Senior Fazil Madrasa, was sexually harassed by madrasa principal (now sacked) Siraj Ud Doula on March 27, 2019. After the incident, her mother filed a case against Siraj, who was later arrested and sent to jail.

Since the arrest, the principal’s associates were threatening Nusrat’s family to withdraw the case. But the family did not do so.

On April 6, Nusrat was set on fire when she went to the madrasa to sit for an exam in the madrasa building.

Around 80 percent of her body was burnt. After fighting for her life for five days, Nusrat died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on April 10, which triggered a huge public outcry across the country.

On May 29, the Police Bureau of Investigation pressed charges against 16 accused.

Of them, 12 gave confessional statements before the court, according to the prosecution.

Source: The Daily Star



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